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Who We Are

George Scatchard has been making pottery since he was a kid in grade school. What started out as fun, has become his life’s work. He came to Vermont in 1960 to set up his first pottery shop, and has been having fun in the mud ever since. After over fifty years of making all kinds of pottery, by many different methods, he now specializes in making lamps. The goal is to make simple attractive lamps that are comfortable to live with and won’t go out of style.

How We Can Help You

Buying a lamp from a catalog or on the internet is not an easy thing. If you are already familiar with our lamps, or know exactly what you want, the shopping cart system is there for your convenience. You can quickly and securely place your order, and we will email you information about the shipping date etc.

For most people, it takes some time to figure out which style and color is best, and you may want to ask a a few questions before you order. We are available toll free by phone at 800-643-5267 or by email at info@GSLamps.com.

How To Order

When you are ready to order, use the shopping cart system, call 800-643-5267, or email your order to info@GSLamps.com . If you are lucky, we will have the lamps you want in stock, but most of the time, we will make your lamps to order for you. This will take from 2-3 Months. We charge you when your order ships.

Our Guarantee

If you are not happy for any reason, return your order for a full refund or exchange. If your lamp arrives damaged we will issue a call tag to pick it up, with no expense to you.

Home ~ Lamps ~  Decor ~  Help ~

G. Scatchard Lamps
P.O. Box 69
Cambridge, Vermont 05444

Tele. 1-800-643-5267
Email: info@GSLamps.com

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