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What people say about G. Scatchard lamps:

George, Just want to let you know that we received our lamps yesterday afternoon. They were delivered even earlier than expected - and they are just beautiful!! Thank you so much for your great service and absolutely wonderful lamps - all was more than I had hoped!! Jeanne

What a delightful surprise to receive the lamps yesterday, when I thought they only were being shipped then! And what exquisite lamps -though your web photos are quite good, they cannot completely capture the beauty of your work. My husband's hobby is woodworking, and he made end tables for us. It was perfect to find your hand-crafted lamps; the two compliment each other beautifully. We are so very pleased and appreciative of your art. Maggie

Just wanted you to know that our lamp arrived today and we are very happy with it. The lamp is just gorgeous and perfect for our space and the service you provided was terrific. We hope to purchase another one sometime in the future.

Thanks so much.

Rise, New York

Dear George,

I wanted to send a thank you to you for the wonderful lamps. I have had them now for a couple of months and not only are they beautiful, they are so much more durable than the ceramic lamps I have found in stores. I am so happy I saw these on the internet and will recommend your website to anyone looking for beautiful ceramic lamps and personal service.

Sincerely, and Happy Holidays, Carol

Finally, I have a little time to myself and I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the lamps I ordered from you a month or so ago. They are perfect for our new addition. I can't tell you how many endless hours I shopped or surfed for lamps. I discovered your web site and volia! The information was very helpful in deciding the sizes. The delivery was fast. I really can't say enough, but thank you.


Dear George, The lamp arrived today--it is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for finding a gold cord instead of silver. When I got home from work my husband had it all set up on our table in the living room. It looks just wonderful!!!

Deborah from Maryland

Dear George, The lamp arrived the other day. It looks even better than it did on the Website! It's exactly what I wanted and fits perfectly in my living room. I enjoyed your page with the advice on lighting. If everyone gave such clear, direct advice the world would be a better place (or at least we wouldn't be groping around in the dark).

Sincerely, Karen from Tucson

Hello George: The lamps and shades arrived yesterday and they are perfect! The clear silver cords are just right. Everything arrived in perfect condition and it was almost like Christmas. For your information, I am not a person that orders much more on-line than books. I am very particular and I would not have ordered such a major purchase if you had not done such a nice job with your web site. That along with your helpful answers to my questions over the phone convinced me to purchase the lamps. I am very pleased and I appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of the lamps.

Thank you, Carol from Arizona

We are very pleased with our lamps. They are well-made, provide good light, and are quite beautiful. We intend to order more, if my wife and I can ever agree on what colors to choose.

Thank you, and happy New Year. Eric

These are the best lamps! I had been looking for a bedside lamp for months and couldn't find a single lamp in stores that wasn't ugly, overpriced, or both. I was delighted to find this site, and even happier when I got my GS-3 lamp very shortly thereafter. As an art object, it looks and feels just beautiful; as a lamp, it's very sturdy, high-quality and an excellent value. In fact, I liked it so much that I ordered another one just like it right away!

Kate, Decatur, GA

George -- Just got my order of two lamps. They're beautiful -- couldn't get anything from a mainstream manufacturer at anything close to this quality, and artistic design/finish for your very reasonable price. And two-day shipping at no charge! I'll be back to your site when I need lamps in future, and you can be sure I'll tell my friends and relatives.

Nice work,

Doug, Lexington, MA

Thank you very much for shipping my order. I am enjoying my new lamp, it is beautiful! You do great work. I was hesitant to order sight unseen but your website was very helpful in helping me make my decision as to size, shape, and color.

Thanks again, Nora, Lancaster NH

Just last week I called you and ordered two GS-3 lamps in copper red. I think "the master", George, himself took the order. The lamps arrived as predicted (either late Monday or early Tuesday). They were packed very cleverly and securely. I am quite pleased with them -- the color and shape are really attractive, and I am certainly happy with all aspects of your service.

Steve from New Jersey

I received the two lamp bases this afternoon. The size is fine, everything fits perfectly. They look great. Thanks for your help in making these for me. I have to tell you that it is, unfortunately, a rare experience dealing with someone as prompt and true to his word as you have been. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Joel, Nyack, NY

Dear George,
I recently purchased two of your lamps after searching high and low. After hearing me talk about it long enough, my finance suggested we get on the internet to perhaps find what I was looking for. Much to my happy surprise I found even better than I was looking for at your Web site.

Your lamps are beautiful. I ordered two for my livingroom on a Saturday and recieved them on the following Tuesday much to amazement. I absolutely love them. They are so well made, the color is perfect - fabulous job. Please stay in business for at least a while longer if not forever as I have just recently moved into a new home and will be needing more lighting.

A very impressed and happy customer,

Lee Ann from Maine

My lamp arrived Friday in perfect condition. Thank you for a beautiful piece of art. I'll spread the word.

Joe Monenschein

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful lamps and the excellent service you provided. The delivery was prompt, the lamps arrived in plenty of time for Christmas and they are so very beautiful. Will pass your name along to friends!

Ally Klinck

You have such beautiful lamps on your website. Although I haven't seen them in person, I am planning to visit one of the Dealers to look at them, and buy the occasional lamps. I also think this is a terrific website, very well designed, especially for ease of shopping. And the decorating tips are great too. Do you have a catalog that you send out by request? Thanks - visiting your website was fun and enjoyable!


I received the remaining two lamps of my order today, in perfect condition. They are quite beautiful. It was a pleasure doing business with you over the Internet. Long live the communications revolution!

Yvonne from Conneticut

The lamps arrived today and they're beautiful! You really know How to pack them, too!

Thank you again. I will spread the word on the quality and swiftness and beauty.

David from Chicago

Received the lamps already today and we are very pleased with them! Thank you for your excellent service and quality craftsmanship. We will enjoy the lamps daily and we will be sure to recommend your web site and products to others!


We have our lamps all unpacked and set up and they look simply BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the tour and time you spent with us today, and of course, the great lamps. You will probably be hearing from me one of these days about that fountain... Thanks again.

Douglas, Middlebury

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply. The lamps arrived in perfect condition. They are absolutely beautiful. You are truly a superb craftsman. Friends and family think they are great also. Your catalog is being circulated as we speak. You may end up receiving a few more orders from this neck of the woods.

Mary Anne, Ohio

Lamps arrived today in good order and fit perfectly where we have planned for them. The colors match exactly with the Navy and Yellow design. The pin hole you described is a minor defect and will not cause us any problems so we thank you for the discount and will use them proudly. Always feel free to use us as a reference.

Again, thanks for the prompt service and especially for the pottery lamps that we love.

Eugenia, Ft. Lauderdale

In speaking of George Scatchard and the lamps, Dick Matheson, president of Tempo Home Furnishings in Burlington, said he has a big following in the area. Tempo carries many of Scatchard's lamp styles. "Over the years people have become more aware of George's work and it has become more popular," Matheson says. "He has a quality product and people like the purity of the design and the simple, classic lines in his work that fit in well with contemporary furniture. And some people who don't know his work will just buy it because they like it.

"Business Digest" Magazine of greater Burlington

I received my lamp in perfect condition. It's a beauty! Just what I was looking for.

David, Somerville, MA

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